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Logo Design

Your bio is your voice... the first thing people notice. 

Do your landing pages have a smooth transition? Will your visitors exit after the third page?  We will develop the text that you've been lacking and dive deep into your brand  to discover what is missing.  We can also provide proposal best practices for your growing business. 

How is your brand perceived in cyberspace? 

Are your hashtags relevant? Does your social media match your brand?  Are you connecting to relevant accounts? After all, money can always be made, but time is the one thing we cannot get back. 

Are you unread or read? Why did they unsubscribe

Creative subject lines, tantalizing text.. let us create a mainframe for your e-blast communications. We will develop the foundation to accelerate and reach your audience.

Please inquire within. 

Please inquire within. 

Logo Design

Proposal Pundit

Do you need best practices on Proposal submissions, tips or coordination and communication strategies? As a Proposal Pundit, I have led workshops/presented on various proposal and professional development topics. I am also a member of Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).  Expertise includes technical writing, coordinating multi-discipline pursuits, as well as cross-selling various sectors for maximum exposure.  My proposal expertise expands across various disciplines, including legal, benefits and compensation, and transportation.

Extra Curricular 

I also love event planning. Having planned four baby showers and three bridal showers, on top of producing 4-8 proposals a month, coordinating and logistics are my thing as well. I can assist you with organizing vendors and outreach so you don't stress too much.   

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